Mission Statement

My Mission Statement:

I am dedicated to helping others to achieve the same success that I have found with online marketing.

I believe it is far better to teach someone how to fish rather than give them a fish. I take a step farther by purchasing a stocked pond and letting them fish in my pond. 

I will achieve a high degree of Professionalism with interaction with all my associates in any capacity.

I will communicate consistently with all of my associates through emails, blog posts, webinars and videos.

I am working to level the playing field and bringing one more person out of the 97 per cent failure into the 3 per cent success.


My Story

I am a retired Operations Manager at a major Pulp Paper Mill complex in Arkansas.

I am also a video producer, website designer and graphics designer. I have been using Macs since 1994.

I have been online since the 1990s and have created websites older than Google and one of those is still active.

I tried to earn income from every conceivable method, and failed in most of them until I discovered something that changed my life forever.

At one point a few years ago, I started to have some success and built up about 70 associates and discovered by a lot of email contact that we had a lot in common.  After many discussions, I wrote down a list of objectives, wants and needs and then proceeded to find a software designer that could build a site for online marketers.

One that the average Joe could use to build his or her home business. A site that could be used to build a very substantial income if necessary.

Though this process TeamEliteResponder which became TeamEliteHomeBusinesses.com was conceived and designed.  Our paid membership is closing in on 3000 members and we have enjoyed steady growth since the day we opened.

These 3000 folks are team leaders and in many cases are promoting their own programs.

From TeamEliteHomeBusinesses.com I designed and purchased over 20 advertising sites like TheLastMailer.com and AdLeadProfits.com  The total membership of these sites has grown to over 30,000 in one year.

TeamEliteHomeBusinesses.com is the hub and the advertising sites are the tools.
Our members generate over 800 leads per day.
I paid out over $80,000 in last 12 months to members of TeamEliteHomeBusinesses.com and that does not include all the instant commissions members are paid directly from our Instant Commission ad sites.

We have developed many levels of membership from 7 dollars one time payment to $497 one time payment.

The focus of TeamEliteHomeBusinesses has always been much more for much less and will continue that way.
We build success one member at time and you get freedom to live your life as you desire.


Joe Freyaldenhoven
Team Manager
skype joefreyaldenhoven
Text 1-501-977-6876

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