Revealing some of my secrets – Swim upstream – Go where the buyers are

Internet marketing is unique and powerful.

And forever a challenge.

How many times have you seen words, “Never Give Up!”

I confess that at first I was notally frustrated and wanted to quit more than once a day, and was convinced for a while that every site was a scam.

Then I met some folks that were successful, very successful and even paid $150 per month for training from one of them and that made a big difference in my results.

I still get frustrated but let it pass. I changed my mindset and that changed my results.

Now I am going to share a few more secrets:

  1. Swim up stream

I tend to do my own thing and not follow the crowds too much. That is why I have a lot of my own sites.  Years ago I liked what I saw Maryanne Myers doing and decided not to follow her but do do my own thing.  I also decided to offer much more for a lot less than my comptetition. In fact, some are hesitant to buy, thinking that if it is that inexpensive cannot be any good.  Thankfully, more looked and liked.

How do you swim upstream?  

When a site first launches it is hot and active and easier to get signups and a lot of marketers and jumpers advertise it and make a few quick dollars and move on.

You should come back to that site after it cools down and start a steady ad campaign of advertising for 10 days and pausing for 21 days month after month.  

That is what I do with all of my sites. Have the noticed  my ads come and go?


Yesterday I worked with a site owner with a site that has been dormant and made a few changes and in 24 hours I got almost 30 signups and 4 sales so far.

There are no dead sites.

On the left you will see copy of some of yesterdays signups from the ads I ran for the test.

For the most part any good designed site only needs traffic and we have heard that over and over.



Next Secret – Go where the buyers are!

You can be assured that the internet is forever changing and what works today may or may not work tomorrow.  Also, you can be sure that the internet will continue to grow and grow and the potential is practically unlimited,  provided you have the knowledge.

Examples of where the buyers are:

  1. Facebook for sure but sometimes tricky to separate the tirekickers from the buyers.  I use it and will continue to use it but it is not my main source of leads and sales.
  2. Safelists, Viral Mailers, text ad exchanges and traffic exchanges 
    These have been my bread and butter for years now and will continue to be my main source of leads and sales.  Remember I have my list of over 400 of these that I belong to and use at for all members to put in their links and use just like I do.
  3. Revenue Share Sites

I was determined that I would never get involved in Rev Share sites after a bad experience.  Then one of our members convinced me to test them again and I now believe with the new Regulations in effect they are not like the Rev Share sites of the past.  The truth is many many buyers are using these sites and making money.

What I am doing at MyPayingAds and TrafficMonsoon 

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

Yes I am looking at 10 ads per day.

Yes I am getting paid each hour like they promise.

But equally important I am buying traffic packages at MyPayingAds and TrafficMonsoon 

simply because of the exposure and the very economical cost.

I have purchased traffic from many sources in the past and overtime they either get better or worse and I am always looking for new sources.

If you are not a member of MyPayingAds and TrafficMonsoon  then click the banners and signup as a free member and look around….

Just get started.

I am advertising my Instant Commission Sites and TEHB with good success there

Finally, develop your plan and stick with it. 

Swim upstream and forget about the crowd,   just sell to them

Looking forward to presenting the results for 2015 versus the goals and setting new ones for 2016.

Joe Freyaldenhoven

skype joefreyaldenhoven


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