What in the world is happening online!

Comments, that I have been receiving from many of you in the last few days.
Typical comments:
I never make money on anything.
Nothing is working for me.
What in the he… is happening.

My answer is the net is business as usual:
Always changing
Always a challenge
Always unpredictable
Always the best wealth creator on the planet

Now here are some factors to consider:
1. When google started the quota email system, it crushed some marketers. This was an earthquake like event, and they are famous for introducing change fast and furious.  This is a temporary setback and will recover and actually be better for all of us.
I for one do not want to send any email to anyone that does not want to receive it.
Long term the net will  develop pro style email systems and only have marketers in the list that are interested.
The tire kickers and spammers will eventually stop disrupting marketers.

2. There are a lot of ponzi type schemes out there recently sucking hard earned cash from folks. This is a cyclical thing, slows way down after they have burned enough and the word gets out.

3. This is a strange time of the year and people are busy on lots of things other that online marketing.

Here is what I am doing:
A. I am checking each ad to make sure the conversion is above 2 per cent and if not making changes to subject line and content and testing.
B. I am developing new lead capture pages for Gold and Silver Memberships at TeamEliteHomeBusinesses.  I am testing an upsell from Silver to Gold and a Downsell from Gold to Silver plus adding pages to the sales funnels I am creating and testing.
C. Putting more emphasis on TEHB being a complete home business builder rather than a commission engine

D. I am introducing a unique downline builder site this week and you will get the first notice.



E. I am backing off Facebook and do not like the direction it is going towards content that I do not want to see
If I join a make money group I expect to see content about marketing not nudity etc. Not my cup of tea.

F. On the other hand the Christian part of Facebook is totally different. Ask for Christian content and that is what you get.

Marketing on the net will always be a challenge. Stick with the plan. Stay with the plan.
and email marketing will be here for some time yet.

Yesterday I received 6 emails from someone wanting me to go all out on Twitter Periscope. Notice he sent me 6 emails!  Ironic and that tells you what works.


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