I am definitely on the lookout for marketers over 60!

1. The Silver package is back

 One payment one time $9.99

2. Hackers and spammers have been a real problem
We have eliminated them and their effects once again
They caused some havoc with some of our systems as some of you experienced first hand.
Don Harrison and our support staff were put through the wringer but came out victorious.
Never a dull moment online!

3. In the works
I am designing a site that I believe you will like.
It will be a step 1, step 2 site easy setup
This site will be great for TeamEliteHomeBusinesses members to gain referrals
I have been in search for something like this that puts it all together for folks to build a home business.

4. Instant Commission sites
I am amazed at the growth of these sites
Some of you see the reality, at first a lot of marketers jump in an get a few quick sales.  They move on to the next site.
However, the real value and long term steady earnings come from picking one of these sites and staying with it. The 150 per cent commission is unique.  Some of you are doing very very well and I like to see that. If you are a Founder of one of them, stay with it, advertise it and watch the results. Remember to pause ads a few days each month.

5. Finally searching for one more InnerCircle Member
If you are spending over 100 dollars per month and unhappy with your advertising results, plus you want to go to the next level of online marketing, then I want to talk with you about our Inner Circle.
If that sounds like where you want to be  send me a request to discuss our Inner Circle

Online marketing is just like offline marketing. It takes perspiration and inspiration to be successful.
There is not easy button, or set and leave it button that will accumulate real steady earnings.
The most important talent that you need is desire to achieve.
The internet provides a unique opportunity to build a business from anywhere in the world with a connection to it.
It has allowed millions of folks like you and me to build a business even while traveling and enjoying life with family.
Besides the desire to achieve the basic steps are:
Gain the knowledge
Develop a business Plan
Execute the Plan
Stay focused
For those of you over 60, you have something that gives you a leg up.
EXPERIENCE yes EXPERIENCE  and many of the top marketers are senior citizens.
And furthermore, you are more apt to stay focused.
When I was a young engineer I asked the CEO of our company what he was looking for and he said a 25 year old engineer with 25 years of experience!

In fact I see so much concentrated potential in the over 60 crowd that I am considering something for over 60 members.
I think it would be a blast.



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