The GREAT email delivery crisis is here and now

I have written several posts about email delivery problems in the last few years.

It started when AOL decided to bounce and not deliver emails from certain sites, mostly advertising sites like the sites we all are using.
Then a group tagged along and did the same Yahoo MSN etc etc

We counter acted by banning members from using emails from those sites.
Google had established the spam folder and most of us determined  to go with Google.

Then something strange started to happen.
Google was bouncing our emails.
We were caught by surprise.
The problem gets worse day by day and there is apparently no turning back to delivering all the emails sent to any one person.

Google instituted an email quota system with little or no publicity.

You can read about this here:

Causes us slower servers and many many problems

Here is part of the discussion from Google:
To keep our systems healthy and your accounts safe, all Google Apps accounts limit the amount of email a user can receive per minute, hour, and day. Setting up the account to receive frequent automated messages, such as log files, increases the likelihood of reaching the limits.

Email Quota at Google
Per minute 60
Per hour 3,600
Per day 86,400

If an account reaches the limit, a user cannot receive any new email and may experience general account degradation, such as slow searching. All incoming messages are bounced or deferred back to the sender.

Here is the situation:
Many of your emails are not being delivered to you and many many more are not being delivered to those you send to.
This problem has reached critical mass for email marketers like us.

Get you email usage below the quota level at Google.


Do what I am doing.
I am a member of ViralInbox which is an email service that delivers and receives all your email.
I have created an inbox for every one of my sites and each of their emails is delivered to the individual inbox folder.
It is very quick and when you want a verification email it is there immediately.
I am converting from Google to Viralinbox for all of my email needs.

Get the details about how Viralinbox can work for you free here

Finally, I am temporarily disabling some of the Solo Networks at the mailer sites to relieve the load on the servers.
Once marketers understand the quota system and or get away from Google email service you will see a tremendous increase in conversion and sales

Post and share this everywhere.
The folks you send emails to have not lost interest, they have lost the connection to you.

Get you connection back.
Reduce your Google email or go with ViralInbox. 

Joe Freyaldenhoven


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