Why Why Why … Because Because Because

First, Why do the same people make all the money all of the time?


Because they have taped the knowledge available and have simply developed a plan that works and they then just rinse and repeat time after time.

The others do not have a plan and are shooting arrows in all directions hoping one will hit something.

Second, Why do all top marketers build a list first?

Because that has been the time proven internet marketing method from the beginning.


Third, Why do all top marketers belong to an inner circle or group of like minded marketers?

Aah haa this is the big BECAUSE they have realized the power of collective thinking.

History: Years ago one of the richest persons in the World at that time hired Napoleon Hill to discover how the other rich folks around make their fortunes.

Napoleon discovered the power of collective thinking or commonly known as brainstorming. Basically two people are smarter than one and when people come together and work on a common problem, that problem is solved quicker and with much better results.

I have seen the power of brainstorming in more than one industry and it works every time.

You will see very many online marketers quote Napoleon Hill to this day and talk about things like mindset and empowerment.

His influence is evident in every industry and part of society.

Now for the point of this discussion. 

  1. Do not try to go it alone with internet marketing.
  2. Develop your leads into your own inner circle and ask for their advice. Interact with them you will be surprised at the knowledge they can add to the issue.
  3. Know that no marketer knows what works until it is tested on real live people.  Grab the knowledge of the basics of marketing online whereever you can get it.
  4. Develop a plan of action based on the knowledge you have.  Do not wander in all directions.
  5. Stay committed to your core plan


Finally, at TeamEliteHomeBusinesses.com we have many teams already in place.

I suggest you get involved with one or more of them.


Lastly, why get involved in Gold?

Because I have seen what happens in times of crisis. I have been fortunate to have traveled to other continents over the last 30 years and seen what can happen.

From Ireland during the Penal times to Europe in the last World Wars, to Mexico, who was at one time a great world power, to Canada and the persecution and even to places like Valley Forge here in the USA.

It behooves us to be prepared and Gold is the measure of wealth when systems fail. Furthermore, the price of Gold is a measure of stability.

And if nothing happens, you have not lost a thing.

Here is my suggestion:

Join these teams and we will start some brainstorming.




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