The Path to Success – Are monthly pay list builders hurting you?

The Path to Success – Are monthly pay, list builders hurting you?

I am discussing this from my experience with monthly pay list builders and extra income.

In any 12 month period for most of us there is one or two times that money is tight and we have to make decisions to cut back until we get more money.

Let us assume the following:

We are building a list in a site where we pay 20 dollars per month and we receive 10 dollars for every member in our downline.

We are able to generate 60 leads per month for this site and we have 10 sales per month.

So our first month we make $100

The second month we make $100 plus $100 or two hundred dollars

The third month we make $80 plus $100 plus $100 or $280 You are asking what happened to the other 20 dollars = well money got tight and they had to drop out.

And so it goes over a period of one year you have 50 or more per cent drop out.

The tragedy is that they usually do not come back and so you are perpetually building a list that after a time does not grow just levels out since for every new member coming in one drops out.

Does this sound familiar?  That has been my experience over and over with monthly pay list builders.


That I why I have designed all of my list building sites with Lifetime one time payments.

No one drops out.

Your list just gets bigger and bigger and you build a great relationship with them because they are not paying you every month. They are free to take advantage of your offers.

I built a list of over 35,000 members in 36 months using the principle of offering Lifetime payment  list builders.

Come on over and take a look at this page

And let us show you how we build our lists.

Look at our results:

Leads in Past 30 Days: 3916
Total Leads: 114936
Page Views in Past 30 Days: 878562
Total Page Views: 22003071


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