Would you like to know about a proven online marketing plan that works?

Would you like to know about a proven online marketing plan that works? And used my most online marketers?

Far too many discouraged marketers are trying to earn money online by using there intuition and skills that they have brought from offline marketing.

In most cases offline marketing techniques and tactics do not work as well online.

To compound the confusion the net is filled with folks that after the fast buck and appealing to those looking for the Easy Button. Unfortunately, the Easy Button works only for the instigator thus leaving the marketer even more confused and discouraged.

What is the answer to these woes?

Simple  Whoa! Stop and read this.

The time proven method for online marketing, the proven model, is  based on building a home business with a list of prospects. Most all top marketers use the method in one form or another. I use it for all of my online activity.

  1. Use lead capture pages to generate prospects or leads and store them in a folder.
  2. Use an autoresponder to send out a series of emails to build a relationship with that prospect or lead.
  3. Promote programs and use lead capture pages to promote two programs at once.
  4. Search and find the Gold among your prospects and give them one on one attention and help them to get started and moving. These will become your buyers.
  5. Rinse and repeat everyday.
  6. Stay focused and make sure any new offers fit your business model.

Now this is where Team Elite Home Businesses comes into play.

  1. We help you develop your Business plan
  2. We provide you with lead capture pages and show you how to create more
  3. We provide email messages and autoresponders and show you how to create more
  4. We provide one on one training and coaching for you to get started
  5. We provide lists of hundreds of advertising resource sites.
  6. We provide everything you need to build your home business

Check us out here http://teamelitehomebusinesses.com/Bubbajoe

Text me Joe Freyaldenhoven 501-977-6876 and set up time to talk

I simply want to listen to what you have been doing, your ups and downs and offer a solution.



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