The Extremely Powerful 150% Instant Pay Sites

The Decimaters
of the Competition

150 Per cent instant pay Sites

Click any link
below to get the full details:

VCM ViralCashMultiplier

You can earn up to 150% in commissions at these four sites?

Let me explain.

Let me explain 150% commissions so you understand
how unique and powerful this feature is
and how it benefits you like nothing you have ever seen.

  • You’ll get 100% commissions on all front-end OTO’s and offers
  • Plus commissions on advertising or upgrades by your referrals!
  • Plus you get all the admin commissions that would go to admin
    for all the members in your downline.
    We call it 150% commissions!

Results no BS just the facts:

CashTrafficMachine now has 1110 members and

has paid out $9700 in commissions to the members
in less than one month.

AdLeadProfits has over 2000 members
AdsClicksProfits has over 6000 members
EliteMarketersClub is a very fast growing site

We are paying thousands of dollars in Instant commissions
each day
to members of these four sites!


Watch the video below for details

Signup free at any of the four sites – use promo code newmember
50,000 credits
10,000 Viral Ad Credits
1 Solo Ad
10 Banner Ads with 1000 views each
10 Text Ads with 1000 Views each
5 Login Ads with 250 Views each
2 Button Ad with 500 clicks each
2 Block Ads with 500 clicks each
2 Adsplus Ads with 500 clicks each
2 Headline Ads with 500 Ads each

I suggest if you are a Founding member of any of these sites

take advantage of the power of the 150 per cent commissions.


Paid out 8295 dollars in instant commisisons in the last 45 days to members

Members of 150% Sites
CSM CashStreamMaximizer 211
VCM ViralCashMultiplier 398
ICE InstantCasheEngine 476
CTM CashTrafficMachine 1253
EMC EliteMarketrsClub 638
BBA  BargainBassementAds 469
IL4C InstantLeads4Cash 711
ALP AdLeadsProfits 1961
YLFC YourLuckyFastCash 454

ACP AdsClicksProfits  5720 One year old

Membership total 11835

Every site is growing daily and commissions going out almost hourly now.

In addition to the 8295 dollars paid out in instant commissions
I have paid out 120,795.52  to members of TeamEliteHomeBusinesses in 2015 through the various connected sites not including the Instant Payments made directly to members

Total payments to members are in the order of $150,000 for 2015 which include the Instant Payments

Remember the goal was 100k for the year we exceed that in October!

Those of you that are doing very well – now duplicate and do more

Those of you looking in and scratching your head – contact me

As the word spreads about the Instant Commission sites with the 150% feature it will only get better.
The only difference between what I am doing and others is I am paying most of the income in instant commissions and willing to earn less money at first. It is that simple.

Why am I doing this?  Because that has been my philosophy from the beginning. Have you noticed I am not the only one doing this? Saw two launches this week with the 150% feature.
This is great I love competition and only helps us more.

Grab one and get going
My suggestion is start with CashStreamMaximizer



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