Trends in Affiliate Marketing and how one person GOT IT

First I want to discuss trends:
For years there were lots of marketers and they wer busy promoting safelists, mailers and traffic exchanges etc.
Normal commission rates were in the 50% range.

Over time other avenues of income came up and competed for these marketers advertising efforts.
Sites like clickbank, payspree, jvzoo, warrior forum and many others grabbed the attention of these marketers and they went there.
Why simply because a marketer goes where the money is.

Then to attract marketers back safelist owner raised commissions and bonuses etc.

The along came Don Harrison with what I call a Trend Maker.
Don and his coder developed an ingenious commission structure and we dubbed it 150% commissions.  In fact it ia actually like buying a site attached to the mother site.  Founding Members get all the commissions that an owner would get no matter at what level in the downline. I told Don this is better than being an owner, not having to mess with all the other expenses. In order to make if practical for the owner we tweaked it just a bit so that the owner gets the commissions from the sale of one login offer which is not an upgrade but sale of banners and solo ads.
Next Don convinced me to give it a test and so we launched CashTrafficMachine about one week ago


1. We did get the attention of some top marketers and they joined and are doing very well. I know one of them make threir initial investment of $133 back over 10 times in 72 hours.
2. I know several others have comparable results.3. In one week we have over 900 members and paid out over 7000 dollars in commissions.

What about you? What can you expect? from CashTrafficMachineI cannot predict what any one can do but I can share this example. I have been working with some of you and have brought them into the inner circle. The results have been more that I expected.  Here is a typical exmple. One member had 17 optins and signups but no sales and was worried about not getting sales.  I told them never worrry about the money and sales.  Always, always, and forever concentrate on getting leads and signups. The money and sales will come from those leads.
So they went back to getting leads and signups and last night about one week later they made close to 200 dollars all of which instantly went into their paypal account!  
That person experienced GETTING IT!  In fact they shared that their way of thinking totally changed and now they know exactly what to do. They have arrived as a marketer.
Don and I see this happen over and over and when someone

Join us today
Joe Freyaldenhoven


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